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Some fared better than others—even a spark based in real love can’t always compensate for a uninspired script or a confused plot. The movie told the bleak tale of a dissolving marriage, and might have claimed a similar onscreen/offscreen parallel to the one that drew audiences to Mr. Smith: could we perhaps be bearing witness to the end of something, just as we had witnessed its beginning?Other on- and offscreen couples are inscribed in the book of cinema more for their box-office triumphs than for the critical acclaim of the films they made together. That winter in Oregon, they also began to fall in love. But the movie ended up drawing just over half a million dollars at the box office.

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He made his debut with 2002’s Mon Idole, which starred Kruger.

His other directing credits include Tell No One (2006), Little White Lies (2010) and Cotillard’s Blood Ties (2013).

Among the rumors bandied about by mysterious sources was that Pitt and Cotillard had cozied up on set (which was quickly and vehemently denied), leading skeptics to wonder about the timing: unfortunate coincidence or masterful movie marketing? Smith, the 2005 romantic thriller on the set of which Jolie and Pitt famously fell in love.

Even before news of the divorce broke, many had observed the apparent similarities between Allied, which hits theaters Nov. Both movies are about spouses who also happen to be spies and consequently can’t trust one another, leading to the breathless cat-and-mouse games that serve up the films’ dramatic tension.

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